Beautiful Birth: Lessons Learned Along My Birth Journey

Our birth stories don’t all begin the moment we bring our children into the world. For me, it began in high school with a moment imprinted on my heart forever: staring at my doctor’s face as she said, “You have endometriosis. Having children will be very, very difficult for you.” From that moment on, I […]

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Beautiful Birth: An Induction and C-Section for a Healthy Mom & Baby

It all started with a heartbeat. That strong, simple, yet deafening sound that you hear the day you nervously walk into the ultrasound room hoping for the first glimpse at your new life. Sometimes the heartbeat doesn’t last. They flutter for a while and then slowly and unfairly fade, and those precious, limited moments are […]

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Beautiful Birth: A Fast and Healthy Twin Delivery

My birth story started the night before our first wedding anniversary. I was walking around downtown Baton Rouge, 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant with twins, heading to eat sushi for our anniversary dinner. I had made it this far along in the pregnancy about as comfortably as one nearly full-term with twins possibly could. After […]

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