Why Can’t Kids Talk?

This is not a post about developmental milestones and language development. That will come in due time. Don’t you worry. This is about (use your best granny voice) “Why can’t kids these days have a conversation?” Conversation and communication are becoming obsolete. It all starts around ages 10-12. There are many reasons as to why […]

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Eliminating Distractions While Driving

I get a stomach ache every time I see it…someone looking at their phone from behind the wheel.  My mind races with questions like, “Don’t they realize how dangerous that is?”, “Don’t they care about their own safety/livelihood?”, and “Don’t they know my kids are in the car next to them?!” My unanswered questions quickly […]

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It’s What’s For Dinner

I love a good bargain.  And like most moms, I’m always looking for ways to save money on healthy foods for my family.  One of the most expensive items on my grocery bill is always meat.  Seeing that we’re a very carnivorous family, this is a problem that needs fixing! Enter Zaycon Foods. Zaycon Foods […]

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4 Candy-Free Valentine Treats

It seems as though Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without conversation heart candies, boxes of chocolate, and foil wrapped sweets; but seeing as we are still nibbling through the bucket of Halloween candy at our house, I thought I would explore some candy-free treat options this holiday. Good news: they’re just as festive as […]

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A Story of Grace

A cell phone vibrating on the table is how Dr. Horenstein described the heartbeat of our unborn child. These words echoed in my soul as we drove to the Heart and Vascular Unit of Memorial Hospital. We were embarking on a journey which would surely leave a mark of grace in its midst. My husband […]

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