Our Favorite Things: Local Parks

Each month the Red Stick Moms Blog team will be sharing some of our Favorite Things.  This month we are highlighting some of the beautiful, local parks in and around Baton Rouge that we have come to love. “BREC’s Highland Road Park is my favorite park.  I’ve been going since I was a little girl, […]

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Now You See Us: Our Team Photos

Have you noticed? Red Stick Moms Blog just got a bit friendlier! Our team and individual pictures are up around the blog, and we couldn’t be happier with the result! The sweet and fabulous Christy of Santangelo Photography shot our lovely pictures on a beautiful Baton Rouge afternoon.  We took pictures on the steps of […]

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Maternity Clothing: Lesson Learned

I am currently six-and-a-half-months pregnant with my first baby. I couldn’t wait until I started showing, going around telling my mother, my sister, my friends, “I think I’m showing, don’t I look like I’m showing?” To which they would kindly inform me that no, I didn’t really look pregnant yet; and it was all in […]

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Halloween: Prepped and Ready

It seems like once you have children, all your days, weeks, and months just run together.  Thankfully, we have holidays.  Here and there throughout the year, these days are cherished and make time stand still for just a little while.  Halloween is the jumping off point for the big end-of-year holidays, and I think that […]

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Erin Guedry Photography {Giveaway}

WOW! What an amazing launch week it has been! We’ve been celebrating all week with some amazing giveaways, and we wanted to be sure and end our WEEK’s worth of giveaways with a bang! Erin Guedry Photography is giving one lucky winner a portrait session of their choice! What an amazing opportunity to take those […]

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cajun night before christmas (174x230)

Louisiana Themed Children’s Books

Whether you were born and raised in the Red Stick or are a more recent transplant, you can’t deny that the food and culture of south Louisiana are something special. I love reading books with my little guy, and it’s an added bonus if they’re interesting. If you’re looking to inject a little local flavor […]

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Battling the Mommy Wars

About a year ago, I woke up to a beautiful fall morning and toted my kids to our favorite Baton Rouge outdoor play area, Leeward Park.  While snuggling my then five-month-old Ben, another mommy of a young baby approached me.  We began with small talk, but eventually our conversation moved to our birth stories.  She […]

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Sip n’ See by LP {Giveaway}

Always trying to find that unique, personal gift for friends and family but just don’t know where to start? Sip n’ See by LP is a locally owned business specializing in monogrammed and appliqued items.  If you can dream it, LP can create it! Every item is uniquely designed with the recipient in mind.  You […]

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Baby Boot Camp {Giveaway}

 If you have been a follower of Red Stick Moms Blog for long, you already know that we are big fans of this next giveaway since we hosted a playdate with them in September! Baby Boot Camp of Baton Rouge, owned by the fit and fabulous Mauree Brooksher, delivers prenatal and postpartum fitness and nutrition […]

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