Whole30 :: More Than Just a Diet

Exactly one month ago, I started on my Whole30 journey. The beginning of this year was pretty rough for my family and myself. In the span of a week, I lost my mother, my uncle, and we moved into our new house. It was devastating and stressful to say the least. The lack of routine, […]

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Join BREC For The Great Family Camp Out

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by BREC.  Join BREC For The Great Family Camp Out Does the beautiful spring weather have you ready for the ultimate family outdoor adventure? Next weekend, BREC is hosting their family-favorite Great Family Camp Out at Highland Road Community Park, and it’s the perfect activity for everyone, from the camping […]

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To our heroes

Neat Freak Girl in a Pack Rat World

Growing up, our house was always neat. Even when it wasn’t sparkling clean, everything was in its place. It wasn’t something my mom talked about or drilled into our heads; it just was. I remember being confused when I went to friends’ houses whose parents didn’t have the same knack for neatness. Why was there […]

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Why I am Choosing to be a “Yes” Mom

With spring officially in the air, so is my need to clean house and get everything organized. What is it about this time of the year that has us wanting to renew our space? I have decided to take this renewing process a step further than my house, renewing myself as a mother. Choosing to be […]

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Planning Your Girls’ Trip to Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, meaning “Red Stick” in French, is a town full of life, culture and delicious food. Located along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, Baton Rouge is a welcoming community with abundant French-Creole charm. As the capital of our state and  second largest city offering mostly warm temperatures year round, Baton Rouge is […]

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Red Stick Moms Need to Know :: Baton Rouge Activities in April 2018

Happy April! Whether or not we get many showers, there are plenty of things to do this month. We have gathered our favorite family-friendly events in and around Baton Rouge this month and featured them here in the monthly guide. Red Stick Moms Blog maintains a full calendar of events here. If you have a great family-friendly Baton […]

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