Red Stick Moms Need to Know :: Baton Rouge Activities in March 2018

March is here along with its warmer weather. With all the Spring anticipation, we have gathered our favorite family-friendly events in and around Baton Rouge this month and featured them here in the monthly guide. Red Stick Moms Blog maintains a full calendar of events here. If you have a great family-friendly Baton Rouge event to add, please do […]

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The ABC’s Now Rule My Life

Being a stay at home mom, I try to keep some kind of structure and routine to our day. Mainly for my own sanity, but also because I feel like my toddler needs it. Our mornings normally start with breakfast and worship music followed by school. Which brings me to the real heart of this […]

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Before She Was Mama

It’s true, that like many other daughters turned mothers I know, I like to give my mom a hard time. In a “know it all, only slightly agitating, but we still have a great relationship” type of way. Ha! My mom and I banter back and forth and fuss about borrowing each other’s stuff, and […]

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Racial Tension :: Three Things that You Can Do

If you are anything like me, the racial tension in my community and in our nation have hurt my heart. I find myself singing “Why can’t we be friends” over and over again. As a white woman raising black children, race is obviously very important to me. I want you to know there are things that you can do […]

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Obsessed With True Crime

Maybe it’s the psychology or the questions of “why” or maybe it’s the mystery of true crime, but let me tell you … I AM ADDICTED TO IT. Obsessed With True Crime Years ago when I was in high school, I became heavily dependent on a televised trial that went on for months. OJ Simpson, […]

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When Trying to Answer “Why” During a Tragedy

Why does this have to happen and why to those innocent children? As a mother, I cannot even bare to think of the answer to such questions. I so deeply wish that it were never a question at all. The “Why’s” during a tragedy are too difficult for my heart to grasp. Life will always […]

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Why Reform of ALL Kinds Is Worth Discussing

Why are we in a debate about this? We have seen this story far too often. Something tragic happens, and the world pays attention for a few weeks, but no real change takes place. After the recent tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, I have encountered headline after headline about the shooter’s mental health in […]

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