RaceTrac Pizza, Our Secret to a Hectic Day

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RaceTrac Pizza, Our Secret to a Hectic Day

You know those days, the ones you have ALL THE THINGS scheduled on? Carpool, bible study, carpool for kid 1, carpool for kid 2, homework, soccer practice, youth group … ugh! For me, it’s Monday’s giving the song Manic Monday a whole new feel. These are the days that I’m just too exhausted to meal plan, or if I’m being honest, I just plain forget! But I’ll let you in on a little secret: we have a quick, affordable place where everyone in my family can customize their dinner and we all walk away happy! 

From pizza to tamales to fresh fruit and salads … y’all it’s RaceTrac!

I see your eyebrows raising, but it’s so much more than the roller grill. I can swing in and grab pizza and whatever! Their pizzas are by the slice, so there’s no refereeing who has to pick off what toppings and you can get whatever you want to go with it — EVERYONE is happy! The kids love picking their own slice or even requesting the limited time Buffalo chicken pizza! I, of course, grab pizza and some crazy good coffee. I’m talking multiple brew options: 100 percent Hazelnut, Regular, Columbian, Guatemalan, Decaf and Dark Roast.

The husband? He grabs a hot tea and while his steeps, he helps the kids pick out their flavor shot for iced coffee and a hot chocolate. Meanwhile, I’m hitting up the coffee customization bar — creamer, flavor shot, all topped of with whipped cream! 


Now that everyone has a pizza and beverage in hand, we can check out whatever we’d like to pair with our pizza. Mom gets buffalo chicken pizza, some fresh cut fruit, and coffee. Dad gets meat lovers pizza, a taquito, hot tea, and a bag of Sour Screamin’ Onion chips. Kid 1 gets pepperoni pizza, iced coffee (with whipped cream), and fresh cut fruit. Kid 2 gets pepperoni pizza, hot chocolate, and a sausage egg and cheese biscuit — because why not? Quick, easy, and everything is made in store! Y’all, they cooked the chicken before assembling my pizza! Fresh and hot! Even better, I know these are cooked in store with fresh ingredients. And these slices are huge, so no one is going hungry. 


There you have it, my secret to fresh, convenient, customizable dinner, and it’s probably right around the corner. Pro tip, it’s a delicious hot breakfast choice too! Now I’m going to go hide in the pantry to eat my pizza so I don’t have to share! Let me know if you swing into your local RaceTrac and what you pair with your pizza.


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