What Really Came First?

You know that saying, “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” I don’t think anyone has ever figured it out. While packaging Easter gifts for my kids lat month (yep I’m that mom) I began to have a similar thought. 

I was placing their items into bags and realized I had purchased my daughter a nice hot pink bag and my oldest son a blue bag. Then it hit me, my daughter doesn’t really love pink and my son isn’t the biggest fan of blue. In fact my baby girl’s favorite color is blue and my son is obsessed with guy clothes that come in pink. Go figure! 

Now I’m not particularly moved by their color preferences. My daughter is very feminine and my son is all boy, but I did ponder how times have changed. Or have they? Today we are exposed to gender neutral options and fluid gender clothing. We teach our children to be themselves and not just fall into social norms. I remember a time when a boy would have pitched a fit before being seen in a pink hat or shirt, and girls loved their pink tutus. 

Is it that kids are different or have we just made it acceptable for them to be their true selves? Maybe some boys have always liked pink and some girls would rather play with trucks than Barbie. Could it be that what seems new and somewhat odd about what’s gender appropriate today isn’t new at all? 

I’m not really sure what came first, the tolerance or the desires. Either way I’m so glad to be raising a son in a time where his pink hat or shoes won’t guarantee him a beating on the playground, and my daughter rocking her high tops and joggers is still considered a little lady. It’s nice to think that maybe our generation has made the world a little less scary and a place for all kids to just be themselves! 


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