Don’t Miss Sodapalooza 2017 at RaceTrac

Disclosure ::: This is a post sponsored by RaceTrac.

Don’t Miss Sodapalooza 2017 at RaceTrac

Hey Mamas, in case y’all hadn’t heard, school is out and summer if officially here! Spoiler alert: it’s hot outside. And chances are, you’re going to be running the roads even more so than normal between shuffling the kids around to and from summer camp and taking those summer road trips. Sometimes a girl just needs a delicious ice cold drink … enter RaceTrac’s Sodapalooza! 

You can head to your nearest RaceTrac (they’re all over town) to purchase a 2017 Sodapalooza cup and experience endless ways to cool down in the summer heat. The limited-time-only cups are available at any RaceTrac location for just $11.99 and are the ticket to enjoying FREE refills of fountain (also including tea and lemonade) and frozen beverages through July 31.  

If you’re a cheapskate like me, you can download the free RaceTrac Rewards app on any iOS or Android phone to receive a coupon for $2 off a Sodapalooza cup purchase. That means only $9.99 for unlimited FreeFills! Between my occasional indulgence in sweet tea and my kid’s love of lemonade, at this price, this cup will more than pay for itself throughout the summer. Now if you are a hardcore fan of coke or frozen bevs for instance, this is a deal you really can’t pass up. 

As an added bonus, each Sodapalooza cup also includes between $30 and $150 in exclusive coupons for RaceTrac food and even some fun experiences in our local area.

For more information on Sodapalooza and other RaceTrac initiatives, follow RaceTrac on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit to become a RaceTrac Insider and get Sodapalooza news straight to your inbox, as well as giveaways and coupons throughout the year.

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