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Kid Problems :: LSU Football Edition

Kid Problems  :: LSU Football Edition Spending Saturday night in Death Valley, seeing the Golden Band from Tiger Land run down the hill, and tailgating with friends — there’s nothing like LSU football season!! Although I love football, I realize that my littlest tiger may not always feel the same way. Here’s a few problems a kid with […]

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The Kids TV Shows I Love to Hate

Like most all moms, I’m guilty of providing visually-stimulating entertainment to my child in the form of television shows. Those 15 minutes of freedom that my kiddo stays glued to the TV buy me precious moments to shower, do chores or for Heaven’s sake use the bathroom ALONE! I swear there must be deeply embedded subliminal […]

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I Will Not Drive That Minivan. I Cannot Drive It, Man-o-Man.

–       “So, what will it take?” –       “I don’t know.” –       “Okay. How about this? What if you got one for free? What if someone just gave you one?” –       “That’s easy. I’d sell it and get something else.” –       “What if you couldn’t sell it? What if those were the terms? What if you […]

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