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Strong Moms Need Support, Too {Even if They Won’t Admit it}

Years ago when I held an office job, I remember some coworkers complaining about the results of the Dancing with the Stars episode the night before. Evidently, the results were just plain wrong. My coworkers (and evidently even the show’s judges) deduced that not as many people voted for the shoo-in because she was a […]

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I Am NOT My Bad Days

I am currently reading a book called Desperate by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae. It is real-life dialog between two women of different seasons. One is a mom of young children “desperate” to breathe. The other is a mom of adult children finally seeing the “fruits of her labor.” One line in the book really […]

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Battling the Mommy Wars

About a year ago, I woke up to a beautiful fall morning and toted my kids to our favorite Baton Rouge outdoor play area, Leeward Park.  While snuggling my then five-month-old Ben, another mommy of a young baby approached me.  We began with small talk, but eventually our conversation moved to our birth stories.  She […]

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Becoming a Mother

Motherhood is a lost art. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood has not been forgotten. Little girls grow up playing with dolls, being the “mommy”. There is still a social expectation that if you are a woman you will become a mother. There is still that biological pull, the ticking clock, that hits us all at some point. […]

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