Earning Your MD Badge…the Mommy Doctor!


When my now 3.5 year old was 9 months old, I brought her to the pediatrician for a well check. During the exam, the doctor found that both of her ears were infected. I was so upset. This was the first time she had really been sick. I wondered how I missed it, how long she had been hurting, and lots of other thoughts that go through a mom’s head when she has a sick child. First and foremost was getting my sweet baby better. The pediatrician gave me a prescription for a 10-day course of antibiotics and instructions to come back in two weeks for a re-check. I immediately filled the prescription and began diligently giving her the medicine. I would also give her Tylenol or Motrin for pain because the pediatrician said they are excruciating.

After two weeks, the pediatrician said her ears were all clear. She told me to come back in two weeks to do her well visit over since her last well visit she wasn’t “well”. Two weeks passed and during her exam her ears were again found to be infected. Another round of antibiotics ordered. This cycle continued off and on until my daughter was 14 months old. At that point the pediatrician said she needed tubes in her ears. Devastation again. How was I such a bad mom that my kid kept getting sick even though I was doing exactly what the doctor said?


After her tubes were in place, I began researching what I could do to prevent ear infections all together. It was then that I found over 80% of ear infections are viral not bacterial. Meaning they will not respond to antibiotics. At this point I had a revelation….doctors today are trained to treat the illness not the patient. Our pediatrician would look at the symptoms and treat according to her training never once looking to see the symptoms of my child. No fever, no runny nose, no cough…probably not bacterial. Yet, I continually bombarded her developing immune system with medicine that was more than likely doing nothing for her.

And so began my journey to more natural living. It has been a learning journey with some back steps and confidence building. I have doubted myself and ran to the pediatrician, but I have rejoiced when my mommy intuition was right and I opted to stay home. It gives me great joy when I can heal my children using the things God gave us. I am in no way saying doctors are bad. We LOVE our current pediatrician. (In fact, my youngest has an appointment with our pediatrician tomorrow!) I also have several friends who are doctors, nurses, etc. I am so thankful they are here when we need them, however I feel too often we doubt ourselves as diagnosticians and the healing power of our bodies.

In this series of posts, I will tackle several common childhood illnesses and the natural treatments for each. I will also talk about when it is time to go ahead and take your child to a doctor. This is in NO WAY to serve as a diagnosis. When in doubt, always take your child to the doctor.

The topics will include:

  1. Building up our immune system — The first line of defense!
  2. Colds and Flu and the snot that comes with it!
  3. Ear and Chest infections and the fever it brings!
  4. Rosy red cheeks to rosy red bottoms — Things that irritate our skin!
  5. Getting a “second opinion” and calling the pediatrician!

At the end of the day, none of us want our kids to be sick. We want them to quickly get healthy, get back on the saddle, and get on enjoying life!

Disclaimer: This post is 100% my personal opinion based on my personal research.  I am not a medical doctor. However, I confidently stand by my beliefs and opinions, and I hope that this post will encourage you to do your own research on the topic. When in doubt, please always consult a pediatrician.

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  1. Cheryl January 15, 2014 at 7:59 am #

    I’m really looking forward to this series! My family also follows a more natural living lifestyle and I am always looking for new advice or information! 🙂

  2. Beth January 15, 2014 at 9:44 pm #

    Really looking forward to this series!

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