There’s Nothing on TV :: Mommy Edition

Sunday nights on social media are a hot bed of reactions and recaps of prime time television. For example, there has been True Blood, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and of course, America’s favorite show Game of Thrones.

And I’ve watched none of them. 

Y’all I just can’t get down with a lot of prime time television these days. I’ve talked before about how much I enjoy watching family shows with my guys, but when it comes to watching grown up shows with my husband, I’ve got nothing. I think there’s a few reasons why. 

Am I a prude?

I watched the first 20 minutes of the initial episode of Game of Thrones and immediately knew this was something I couldn’t do. I got there on episode three of Breaking Bad and so on with every popular hour long drama. I have a lot of trouble with the level of sex and violence. I really don’t think I’m a prude, but I just can’t watch it. And before you think I’m holier than thou let me say that Sex and the City is one of my favorite shows. However, even when I rewatch, I practically skip the first two seasons because it’s soooo sex heavy, and I don’t think it necessarily added to the story. These particular scenes may be important to the plot, but who knows. Well, not me because I don’t watch.


Seeing those zombies crawl in episode one of The Walking Dead was nightmare inducing. It’s tough enough dealing with my son’s scary dreams; I don’t need my own! We only have one television in our house in the living room and trying to watch an adult show during “normal hours” is impossible. Basically if it’s not for the family, it’s not happening. 


An hour to give your undivided attention to the tv is a long time. I know we live in the world of multi tasking, but there’s a reason why I just put on reruns of The Office while I’m doing laundry. I don’t have to become invested. I binge watched the first season of Scandal in one evening, was miserable the next day, and never picked it back up. Why? The commitment was just too much. 

I know I sound super boring and that I can’t have a relevant conversation about pop culture, and that’s probably true since I don’t know what’s going on with Power or what a John Snow is. But I do have a working knowledge of the Kardashians and the Orange County Housewives. These shows are also not on around my little ones, but I’ll let you decide which ones are worse. 

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