Things I Wish I Could Ask My Mom

The 5 year anniversary of my mom’s passing is quickly approaching and I’m not entirely sure that there is anything you can do or say to prepare a woman for a life without her mama. Especially one after marriage and children. I did have the honor of having her in my life for 23 years. Even though those were the most pivotal years in my life and she shaped me to be the woman I am today, I can’t help but think of so many questions I wish I could ask her now that I’m a mom and wife.

At 23 years old I wasn’t really thinking about being a housewife, actually if I’m being honest, at the time of my mom’s passing I hadn’t even had a boyfriend yet. My mom passed in June, and I met my husband in November of the same year. So now, 5 years later I have SO many questions:

  1. Were you really allergic to real Christmas trees. Or was that a lie because of the amount of mess it creates?
  2. Am I really allergic to carpet or is that another myth because y’all wanted wood floors?
  3. Am I a really allergic to dust or was that a way to get me to help clean the house?
  4. Why did you always tell me to hold my breath when I empty the filter for the dryer?!
  5. But really … how did you fold a fitted sheet and make it look so easy?
  6. I now fully understand why it always took you 2.5 hours to get ready. #MomLife
  7. If I really drive with the windows open, will I get sick? 

These are just a few that have crossed my mind in the past months that have made me laugh out loud because I know she would’ve gotten a kick out of hearing these questions.

I know mom’s can sometimes be overbearing but don’t miss out on the moments – the opportunities for conversations, the times to spend together. One day you’ll wish she were there to annoy you at least one more time.

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