15 Supercool T-Shirts That Aid in Flood Relief

Who doesn’t love a t-shirt? Who doesn’t love a t-shirt that also gives back? Ever since relief and recovery began, you’ve probably seen scores of inspirational t-shirt designs attached to charities flooding your newsfeed (pun not intended, but it works). As a mom whose wardrobe consists of mainly t-shirts (casual and formal, of course), I love this idea! It’s a wonderful way not only to show your support of Louisiana and those affected by this disaster, but you also put a little money into the pockets of organizations and victims who need your support. Win-win! But with soooo many designs out there the choices are a bit overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a list (in no particular order) of the raddest designs and also the most reputable (always be mindful of scams attempting to turn a profit at the expense of others). So go ahead you philanthropic genius who dresses for comfort – buy a flood shirt and support the relief effort all while looking awesome. You could even take it a step further and buy some for flood victims as a meaningful gift.

1. Cajun Rosies

$25, all proceeds go toward the community-wide efforts of the “One Woman FEMA” and one of our Red Stick Moms contributors. Email PayPal info and sizing  to brfloodreliefSJHgmail.com. You can read more about the efforts of the Cajun Rosies all over the state in this article.

rosie2. Come Hell or High Water 

$15-$50, proceeds go to Salvation Army. Babies, youth, adult sizes. Various styles.



3. Louisiana Flood ’16

$15, proceeds going to the United Methodist Disaster Response Team. Available in youth and adult sizes.

Louisiana Flood '16

4. Can’t Wash Us Away 

$19.95, with proceeds going toward Baton Rouge Area Foundation’s recovery fund. Available in youth and adult sizes.

30A_washaway_805x1024_dc94ca5b-f21e-41bc-81b3-54b12ce639d0_1024x10245. Louisiana Proud – Cajun Navy 

$20, $10 of every shirt sold will go toward artist’s family members who have been affected by flooding. The story can be read on the site.


6. The Flood 

$25, proceeds going toward artists’ affected friends and family.

T-Shirt-MockUp_Front7. Louisiana Proud 

$20, proceeds support Friendship House of Ascension. Available in youth and adult sizes. Color options.

big8. Fight the Flood

$30, proceeds going toward flood relief. Color options.


9. Cajun Cool

$22, 100% of the profits go toward flood relief. Multiple designs and styles.




10. Soul is Waterproof

$25, benefits Baton Rouge Food Bank.


11. Flood Relief 

$25, profits go to flood relief organizations.

4fce12ca59074e9c9bdd2e2d554738b912. Cajun Navy 

$25, for every shirt sold $15 will be donated to Baton Rouge Area Foundation Flood Relief Fund. At time of publish, only sizes Small and 3XL were available.

CajunNavyshopSFT-01_grande13. I Love You Louisiana

$20-25, proceeds donated to flood relief by Defend New Orleans.

ILYLTriBlack1_grande14. We Rise United

$25, 100% of the net proceeds from sales of this shirt will be donated to the Acadiana Disaster Response Fund at the Community Foundation of Acadiana.

ba4x4akokh6zua6y8r3t15. Red Stick Rising

$25, 100% of profits going to Baton Rouge Food Bank. Color options.


Update: More awesome designs YOU were kind enough to inform us of after reading. Yay for more Flood shirts! Keep them coming!

16. Louisiana Strong

$23-26, profits are going toward flood relief. Artist plans to report and post pictures on the specific needs she is meeting with the proceeds. Adult, youth and baby sizes. Various designs and color options.


17. Louisiana Love

$22-$29, proceeds go toward flood relief. Adult and youth sizes. Various designs and color options.


Do you know of a shirt being sold to aid flood relief? Please share all the info with us in the comments and we’ll add it!

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6 Responses to 15 Supercool T-Shirts That Aid in Flood Relief

  1. Monique Lee September 7, 2016 at 9:42 am #

    Another lovely option, also comes in kids sizes.


    • Fleur September 7, 2016 at 9:56 pm #

      Hi Monique! I would have loved to have included Honey Bee Tees (I personally ordered one myself!), but unfortunately they were only selling this shirt through Aug. 25. Maybe they’ll bring it back if someone asks! Thanks for reading.

  2. Mari Kantrow September 7, 2016 at 5:39 pm #

    theinkshopprintshop.com Has great flood relief shirts!

    • Fleur September 7, 2016 at 10:20 pm #

      Thanks Mari, it has been added!

  3. John September 7, 2016 at 9:29 pm #

    Fleur, thank you so much for the amazing article and shoutout! We are super stoked to see our Louisiana Proud – Cajun Navy shirt at #5!

    As former Baton Rouge-ians and true cajuns at heart, we’re so excited to see all of these great designs for a great cause!

    Sending our love and support to all of your readers,

    – Nerdy Onesies

    • Fleur September 7, 2016 at 10:20 pm #

      Sure thing, John! Thank you for sharing your talent to aid in the effort!

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