My Baby Got Glasses and I Cried

I had a long, ugly cry.

It isn’t about the glasses. There is NOTHING wrong with having glasses. I repeat … THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING GLASSES. I have perspective and I know that glasses aren’t a big deal. We are thankful that he JUST needs glasses. And by the way …

he looks really, really cute in his glasses.

I cried because I don’t want my children to face adversity. I’m almost embarrassed to say that. I constantly tell my students’ parents, “Don’t solve their problems for them.” “It’s OK for your child to struggle.” “Adversity builds character.” Can I talk the talk AND walk the walk? Not really, but I’m trying.

You may not even see glasses as adversity, but I do. Adversity, hardship, difficulty … whichever word you prefer. I think most of us wish things would go perfectly for our children even though we know it won’t, and it shouldn’t. He doesn’t have perfect vision. In fact, we found out he has a lot of difficulty seeing. He’s only one and something isn’t coming easy for him. That makes me sad. He’s cool with it, but I’m not.

Adversity is important. I know it is. I know my children need to face adversity but when it happens, it’s a hard pill to swallow. School may not always come easy, they may not excel in their favorite sport or activity, friends will hurt them, and they’re going to get bumps and bruises … and even broken bones along the way. We can’t control everything, although I really wish I could.

My mom recently said something to me about an experience I had in high school. She said, “It was really hard to watch you go through that but it was really good for you. You needed it.” I hope upon reflection in many years down the road, my husband and I will know that any adversity our children faced will have shaped them for the good.

So, yes, I cried over the glasses. I’m sad that this is something he will deal with at such an early age and for years to come. Not to mention, I’m sad that he was struggling for a year without us knowing anything was wrong. I’m choosing to let that go. I’m thankful that he has a great doctor who caught an issue early on. I’m rejoicing that he can see now! I’m also here to celebrate all the glasses-wearing kids out there who look super cute in their specs.

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