Easy Thankful Turkey Craft for Kids

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here. This year has gone by too fast! My kids have already gone through the Toys R Us magazine circling what they want for Christmas, which is EVERYTHING. If you are looking for a fun and easy Thanksgiving craft to do with your kids that incorporates the meaning of being thankful, this thankful turkey craft is perfect.

Items Needed

I was able to find all the items I needed at Walmart for under $5. Any craft under $5 is always a win in my book. I grabbed felt sheets in 5 different colors, 1 sheet of brown foam paper, and adhesive googly eyes. I already had a sharpie/markers, scissors and glue at home.

Steps to the Thankful Turkey

The first step is to prepare the feathers and the body of the turkey. The feathers will be cut from the felt sheets and the turkey body from the foam sheet. My 6 year old daughter can safely cut with scissors. I allowed her to cut her own feathers and the body of the turkey. My 5 year old son needed some assistance on the cutting. He wanted to just cut away at the felt.

After you have the feathers cut as well as the turkey body, you can have your child come up with a list of things they are thankful for. “Toys” is always popular with my kids. My daughter is learning to spell and write and was capable of writing her things she is thankful for on her feathers by herself. Whereas my son needed help with this step. Make sure to leave about 1/2″ space at the bottom of the feather for gluing.

After you have your thankful feathers done, it is time to assemble. Glue all the feathers around the body of the turkey, gluing them to the back of the turkey with the writing facing the front. Once the feathers are attached, the googly eyes can be added to the face. The adhesive eyes make things easier and more fun for younger children who have difficulty putting a little bit of glue on the back of those little eyes. We finished our turkey by drawing a beak on its face.

My kids had a lot of fun assembling these cute thankful turkeys, and I enjoyed watching them come up with all the things they were thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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