A Letter to My School-Aged Child as the Summer Ends

I can’t believe this summer has gone by so quickly! It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the end of the school year with awards day and kindergarten graduation. As a mother of 3, I know the summer may feel too long some days. Those long days have me yearning for a chance to sit in a bubble bath in complete silence. The crazy thing is, I am going to miss these long summer days when my kids return to school.A Letter to My School-Aged Child at the End of Summer

To my school-aged child, I have to let you know exactly how I am going to be when you are back in school.

Yes, I will be glad to have a routine. Oh how I have missed that school year routine. Yes, I will be relieved to not hear all the bickering and fighting. But you know what? When these days are too quiet, I will miss even those moments of complete chaos. Isn’t it those days that make the summer, summer? Yes, I will be glad to know that I will not be sweeping or vacuuming all day. Then again, I will miss the fact that you were home to have made such a mess. I will miss the laughing and playing that went on in between all those messes.

You may think that I will be just lounging around, without a care in the world, because you all will be in school. I will actually be getting things ready for our next scheduled event or that afternoon snack ready for when you step through the front door. Thoughts of how I hope your day is going great and that you are safe and sound will constantly be running through my mind.

Although majority of us mothers are counting down the days for when summer will officially come to an end, deep inside we will miss all these moments we have had with you over this summer break.

Do you have any school-aged kids? How do you feel about them returning back to school?

A Letter to My School-Aged Child at the End of Summer
A Letter to My School-Aged Child at the End of Summer

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