New Year’s Resolutions (For a Mom Who Doesn’t Keep New Year’s Resolutions)

Last year, I made a PowerPoint presentation of my New Year’s resolutions. I also made an Excel spreadsheet of all of the chores I was going to keep up with. There were sections for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual chores. Lol. I can’t remember what was on them, because I haven’t looked at either of them in at least 6 months. I guess I could have looked at them as research for this post, but that would probably just make me feel inadequate. So this year, I’m going with the anti-New Year’s resolution list.resolutions

Here are a few things that I would pretty much really sort of like to do in 2018:

  • Keep the average mpg in my minivan above 20. You’re probably like really? That’s the first thing? That’s even a thing? You betcha. I switched from a CRV to a minivan a month ago. My new favorite game is to increase my average. It has dramatically improved my driving. You should try it.
  • Drink more water than soda. I lost weight in 2016. I gained weight in 2017. I figure if I can at least drink more water than soda in 2018, it will be a step in the right direction.
  • Spend the hours between 9 pm and 11 pm reading more often than scrolling through Facebook. In those blissful”ish” hours between my daughter going to sleep and me going to sleep, I hope to read more and be jealous of other people’s lives a little less.
  • Learn to like kale. Just kidding. That will never happen.
  • Plan and execute at least one holiday craft with my daughter. I always have good intentions, but I think I can actually pull this off this year. I’ll make it Valentine’s Day so I can check it off the list soon. 
  • Clean the toilets on the maid’s off weeks. Better yet, teach my 5 year old to do that. And let’s get real for a second. Hiring a maid to come every other week has dramatically improved my quality of life. If I had to pick between groceries and the maid, we’d be eating rice and beans. 
  • Find an exercise routine I like enough to do at least twice a week. Or every two weeks. Or at all.
  • Eat fewer beignets. No, that’s not powdered sugar on my shirt!
  • Host more game nights. Game night is always so fun in theory. I bet it would be even better in practice.
  • Hug more, yell less. Because whoever got the reaction they wanted from screaming “Calm down!” at anyone?

I think these are all pretty doable for a busy mom. What do you think? Do you make and keep New Year’s Resolutions or forget them before the champagne buzz wears off?

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