Personalized Back-to-School Labels {Free Printable}


Going back to school was something I always looked forward to every year, especially as a self-proclaimed teacher’s pet.  I may have earned a few “A”s in my day by staying late to help organize or volunteering to skip recess to help grade papers.  Ethical, eh, probably not, but I sure loved it.  Now as a mom, I can’t help but think of ways to make the back-to-school transition easier on teachers and fellow moms alike.  I don’t have a ton of experience with school supplies as a parent, so I can only speak for the occasional item I have to label to send to daycare.  But as someone who hates her handwriting, I love the option to just peel and stick.


I made this printable using these labels.  But I’m sure you can pick them up at Office Depot and Wal-Mart as well–just maybe not for as cheap.  I personally like to use full-sheet labels, so I can cut and trim as needed, and you can find those online or in the store as well.

For the printable, I created a pdf-file that you can download, and then type in the name once, hit enter, and print–then you’re done! Click on the image below to download and get started! (Note: Be sure to save it to your computer and then open it in order to edit.)

label capture

Happy labeling!

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