Privacy Please!

Growing up, my mom had a pretty standard routine after she got home from work. She would greet us if she didn’t pick us up from school and then go to the bathroom and stay there for what seemed like forever. We were not allowed to bother her at all unless it was an emergency. To this day, I’m not sure what was going on in there. But now, as a married woman and mother of two, I can relate one hundred percent. We’ve all seen a meme or funny video of a mom not being able to go the powder room without little fingers being stuck under the door or the constant knocking asking to open fruit snacks.

What is up with the lack of privacy?

privacyThe bathroom is the small oasis in our homes where we should not be bothered. Spouses and kids take up every other inch of our homes, let us at least have our bathroom time. We don’t get “man caves” so we have to settle for the lavatory. What we choose to do in there should not be up for discussion or interrupted.

My husband (who I love dearly) can handle all his business including shaving his entire head without being bothered at all. I can’t brush my teeth without someone poking his nose in. Once, I did the unthinkable and locked the door to the bathroom while I was using it. After being harassed, my husband actually asked me “why did you lock the door?” Y’all. I lost it. I totally understand that I am the backbone of my household and the heartbeat that keeps it running but please leave me alone. Stop knocking on the door asking to play ROBLOX while I’m applying my clay face mask. Stop barging in when I’m shaving my legs asking how much longer I’m going to be and that I’m the reason our water bill is so high. And please, stop banging when ahem … business is being handled. There’s nothing I can even do about it then!

I understand why my mom just ignored us. I think she just wanted to enjoy her Reader’s Digest in peace. Enough is enough. It’s time for us to reclaim our bathroom time with the doors locked.

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